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Russian Livonian War (1501 - 1502)

     At the time Russia had a strong and powerful leader, Ivan Vasilyevisch, also known as Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible. This war actually started because he had wanted to gain territory of the Baltic Sea and to do that he must control Livonia (Modern Estonia and Latvia). As you can well see this is the longest war i have up on my list so we can actually split the wars into four separate simple parts.

1. (1558 to 1561) In these few years  Ivan the Terrible had main success over Lovania 

2. (1560’s) Russia and Lithuania are having hostile arguments, but they are in peaceful relations with Sweden.

3. (1570 to 1577) Ivan the Terrible made his final attempts to gain dominance over Lovania in these years.

4. (1578 to 1582) Russia had suffered fatal blows from Poland. There after  Sweden and Lithuania used this  opportunity and forced Ivan the Terrible to sign a peace treaty. Ensuring he will leave.

The war between Lovania and Russia spanned over 24 years. Russia had suffered an economical crisis because of all the  resources they had used. Ivan had changed enemies constantly. Even though they put up a good fight, it all ended in no good. 

     We are still unsure of why Ivan the Terrible had decided to fight in this war but reasons and logical guesses have been made. Ivan the Terrible might actually be Peter the Great’s precursor and is therefor in search for all the harbors of the Bastic Sea. This theory was made by Sergei Soloviev. Afterwards scholars approached this thought and started questioning and thats when the second theory came out. He was after the power and territory. 

French Wars of Religion (1562-1598)

     These wars had occurred due to their conflicts between religions. These wars were actually quite scrimmaged and unorganized. It was a kind of like playing Basket Ball without your tactics. These wars were spanned for many years and it was almost endless. There were about 7 wars in total and all were giant massacre sprees. The First war though definitely had some interesting things happen. 

       All wars have a trigger, for this war it all started when the Duc De Guise had stopped by at Vassy, to hear a mass. The Duc De Guise servants were in some quarrel with some Huguenots that were working on a nearby building and the whole thing just went wrong. It ended up with the Duc De Guise firing on the unarmed huguenot and set the church on fire. This occasion was considered as ‘The Massacre at Vassy’. The National cluster for the reformed church met in Paris and appealed to the Prince de Conde to become the “Protector of the Churches”. He then started to gain territories ordering his soldiers to capture towns placed in strategic areas and made Orleans as his headquarter.

     Catherine De’ Medici was forced to go against the Guise Cluster to end this alarming development. The Guise went to Pope and Phillip II of Spain for help. The only open field battle was fought at the Dreux and the Catholic’s had won. Young Admiral de Coligny managed to withdraw most of the Protestant forces to Orleans with safety. At orleans Duc de Guise was finally killed by an assasin.

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